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​"be a light in a world of darkness" - Krystal J



by Krystal Jackson on 05/03/18

So, it's been a while since I've posted anything. I promise to do better. With that being said I thought I would chime in on what's happening in our world as it relates to DISTRACTIONS. Bill Cosby Trial=Distraction. Kanye West Mess=Distraction and there are more.

There is so much injustice in our world and secret wars being fought that we have more than enough to focus on besides what's being blasted in our faces through different media avenues. But if I must chime in here goes my opinion:

(Disclaimer: I was not there and will not have all the facts. This is merely my opinion)

Bill Cosby: I do not condone his said behavior of drugging  women to do whatever with them. Also, something just seems off about this to me. I am a rape survivor and I have questions. My spider senses are tingling. Maybe because I don't have all the facts I have a hard time accepting a guilty verdict. I liked his shows or works of art and such but he wasn't my favorite person in the world so, that has no affect on my opinion at all. Furthermore, I just don't really care. There have been a number of entertainers accused recently of sexual misconduct what's happening to them. And guess what, it's probably some god complex execs out there continuing with this disgusting behavior.

Kanye West: Stupid! I just would rather not waste a keystroke giving this so and so any further attention. And no I will not be buying his album for any reason and never have I only know 2 songs of the top of my head. So, if he never recovers from this mess his free thinking and speaking has gotten him in I will not miss any sleep. Besides my new favorite flavor of Blue Bell ice cream is Cookie Two Step! (Waaaaay more important) SN... it is mental health awareness month somebody should look into that for him.

Food for thought: The enemy's greatest weapon is distraction. Family let's keep our focus on what is actually important and going to glorify our heavenly Father such as living His word, walking in your purpose, helping those who are in need, and so on. Let's practice positive thinking and kindness.

Love you all and remember to be a light in a world of darkness.

Satan You Will Not Win!

by Krystal Jackson on 03/29/18

It is heavy on my heart that I acknowledge to myself and the world that my faith is bigger than my fears.

Faith OVER Fear!



by Krystal Jackson on 01/25/18

Think on these things: when you are where you are SUPPOSED to be, the obstacles you face don't seem difficult at all.  But when you stay in a place outside of your season your suffering is almost unbearable. This topic falls under the reasons, seasons, or lifetime debate. You know, have I outgrown this friendship or is it time for me to look for another job? These are questions you may ask yourself. I would like to relay the message that knowing your place in this world is synonymous with knowing your purpose. You don't have to continuously feel like you're lost or that you don't belong. Knowing your purpose in this world is imperative if you want to achieve excellence and thrive to become a greater you. So, say it with me "I know my purpose and greater is coming".  And you know what? If you don't know your purpose now is the perfect time to ask our Heavenly Father to reveal that to you. 
Well, that is my word for today. Feel free to comment and share. But before I go  I would like to leave you with some food for thought or as I like to say "drop some jewels on you". 
Krystal's G.E.M.S:
"a man can possess all the knowledge in the world but if he doesn't know how to apply it, it is useless" -Derrick Wynn

No Regrets

by Krystal Jackson on 10/10/17

Never allow another to make a life changing decision on your behalf.  I have had more than my share of unsolicited advice and I believe it's ok to take the advice of others into consideration but let the final decision be yours because regret is a monster. The choices we make in life are our responsibility. So, why not save ourselves the hassle of the "why did I listen to them" fight? We simply cannot allow the opinion of others to push/bully us into acting when we are not quite sure what to do. I always say "when you don't know what to do, do nothing". All that means is just pray and be still and the answer will be revealed to YOU in due time.
Think on these things.....
As it relates to my life you may have an opinion, but you may not have a voice!
As always thanks for visiting and I would love to hear from you so leave a comment.
"be a light in a world of darkness" - Krystal J

Don't Let Life Stop You From Living

by Krystal Jackson on 01/20/17

“Don’t let life stop you from living” is a saying I came up with about 7 years ago, I was dating this guy and I felt he never had time for me. It seemed he always had and excuse for the what and the why of anything I asked.  So, I told him:

 “we make time for things that matter to us and it is obvious that me nor this relationship are a priority. You can’t let life stop you from living because things will happen. It’s always gonna be something.”

My point is that “stuff” happens. For there to be growth there must be change. In my opinion, if you are living per the will of God, the enemy and his minions have special assignments to attack and destroy you. The goal of the enemy is for you not to prosper.  Depression, doubt, anger, worry and even sickness (at times) are distractions meant to detour us from our path and our purpose.


And another thing….

Let’s not allow politics to stop us from living. My faith tells me that my Heavenly Father is still in control and that before we were even of this world our destiny was prepared for us. That is my belief for all of God’s creatures. I read somewhere that the only thing that will be the end of the world is just that, the end of the world. So, don’t sit your faith down because Donald Trump is president. If anything, you should be praying even more!